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Our Solutions

We start with your pain points and then we build seamless solutions. We’re on the journey with you, so we’ll add solutions as you grow and evolve. Getting all these parts to function as a whole.

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Business and Accounting Software

We work out what you need now, and in the future.
This is the backbone of your company - where you manage accounts and reconcile bank transactions. Integration is the big deal here. Everything from payroll to stock control needs to move seamlessly through your accounting system. We work out what you need - and what you might need in the future - to recommend the best accounting software option for you.

Payroll Software

Could you benefit from a payroll solution?
If payday makes you groan, or you or your staff are spending more than 15 minutes on your payroll, you will benefit from a payroll solution. Payroll software eliminates mistakes and automates PAYE, KiwiSaver and holiday pay calculations. Able to handle multiple locations and rates of pay, our payroll software is fast and accurate and always up-to-date with the latest legislation. This is one area where you can’t afford to make mistakes. Your staff need to trust that you’ll get this right - every time.

Fixed Assets Software

Fixed assets software may save you a bundle on accounting fees.
If you have a complex asset register or lots of company vehicles, fixed assets software may save you a bundle on accounting fees at the end of the year by automatically tracking depreciation. You’ll also have an up-to-the-minute fix on your register - track sales, purchases and depreciation - in case you’re preparing your business for sale or need to approach the bank for finance.

Webstore Software

Take away the stress of adding online sales to your business.
If your business sells online, we have solutions that will integrate seamlessly with your stock and accounting and payment processing systems. We can take away the stress of adding online sales to your business by making your ecommerce software work seamlessly with the rest of your systems.

Point of Sale (POS software)

Helping you make your business process seamless.
Lots of businesses shoehorn their accounting system to work as a point of sale system. It can be slow, or clunky and doesn’t always integrate perfectly. Today, there are better options - with touch screen POS systems that link the barcode direct to the stock system and don’t require “cashing up” at the end of the day. Our POS solution lets you scale from single to multi-lane check-outs and allows you to run reports by the day, by the hour or even by the sales rep. 

Job Management / Costing Software

Connecting you to your business.
For large or small companies, keeping track of ever-changing jobs is a mission. Job management software simplifies a complex process. It can create and manage jobs as well as allocate products, labour and disbursements. You can track jobs by status or type and run reports to quickly see how jobs are tracking. Control purchasing, manage customers - and keep your costs transparent with job management software. Also available on mobile devices.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

We listen to what you need.
We offer a range of solutions in CRM, depending on how deep you want to go. CRM software focuses on increasing sales. But before we recommend this, we’ll always look at the rest of your business. Did you know that increased sales can actually be detrimental if you don’t have proper inventory or debt collecting systems in place? But when you’re ready to grow, CRM software can be a powerful tool to keep track of sales staff and give them the tools they need. Our solutions can use GPS to track salespeople and can put up-to-the-minute stock at their fingertips. 


Control your manufacturing process and improve stock control with tools designed to minimise production costs through better inventory management. Production software helps to control raw materials and minimise stock loss. Be able to manage individual production of components and the ability to easily see if any stock items are not available for the main production process to continue. You can also prevent the sale of raw materials or reserve quotas required for manufacturing.

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