Case Studies

Case study: Stock control

A business owner approached us for help with stock control. Their current system was producing meaningless reports and the owner was struggling to see where the business was going. He was so frustrated, he was considering selling the business.

We started, as always, by listening. Then we found a business accounting solution that would be meaningful for both the owner and the accountant, giving a clear picture of the business at any time. We set up the system to be more user friendly.

Now, the staff are happier and more productive. And so is the owner - he’s decided not to sell.

Case study: Stock control

One of our clients was using excel spreadsheets to keep track of their stock, but it wasn’t able to track serial numbers or expiry dates. They needed a system that would keep track of which stock was where in case of a recall. 

We listened and recommended an integrated business system that bought their accounting package into line with all product tracking information, including expiry dates. 

The client can now see stock levels at each location at a glance and can rest easy that if there’s ever a need for a product recall, this can be done easily and effectively.

Case study: Retail 

We were approached by a retailer who had a very disjointed system. There was one software for accounting, one for Point of Sale (POS). Importing from one to the other left too much room for error. When the information didn’t flow correctly from one to the other, it was holding up online sales. 

After listening carefully, we decided an fully integrated system would eliminate the problem. Now, there are no frustrating reconciliations between the accounting software and the POS system. The owner spends less time tidying up accounts after hours. And now, when a product is entered into the system, a shelf label is generated automatically, saving even more time in store.

Case study: Retail

One of our clients is a retailer who approached us in a high-growth phase. To keep a handle on the business during this tricky time, the owner needed to be able to see at a glance how each part of the business was performing. The business had a repair side and they were struggling to understand how long each job was taking and what materials were used.

Our solution was to implement a Point of Sale (POS) software as well as job costing software that helps them track time and materials on all service jobs, with no more missed charges. Each service member has their own station, where they enter their time and scan parts. There’s even a built in SMS capability that automatically texts customers when their repair is ready for collection - talk about a time saver! As they continue to grow, we’ll be able to add mobile customer service software so that sales reps will have up-to-date information about their clients and their products.

Case study: Hire

A crane hire operator came to use for help keeping track of how all his jobs were progressing. He wanted a calendar that would show when all the cranes needed servicing and a system for easily communicated with his clients. Most of all, he wanted to improve on his system of invoicing - which involved searching through his van for dockets at the end of each month.

We set him up with a business accounting software package that included job management, so he could keep track of each job as it progressed, including how long staff spent and what material was used. He can easily schedule maintenance for his machines and event text his customers to remind them about these service bookings. It’s all visible on a calendar with staff members pre-assigned to each service. 

Invoices now go out on time, which means clients pay him faster and cash flow has improved. Clients are better informed, too, and this improved customer service is resulting in recurring business. 
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