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Hire businesses have specific needs, too. We can automate all the details. Does this digger require a specific licence? Do you want to send text reminders to your customers? Are you losing track of where things are? Its about working smarter not harder.

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Case study: Hire 

A crane hire operator came to us for help keeping track of how all his jobs were progressing. He wanted a calendar that would show when all the cranes needed servicing and a system for easily communicated with his clients. Most of all, he wanted to improve on his system of invoicing - which involved searching through his van for dockets at the end of each month.

We set him up with a business accounting software package that included job management, so he could keep track of each job as it progressed, including how long staff spent and what material was used. He can easily schedule maintenance for his machines and event text his customers to remind them about these service bookings. It’s all visible on a calendar with staff members pre-assigned to each service. 

Invoices now go out on time, which means clients pay him faster and cash flow has improved. Clients are better informed, too, and this improved customer service is resulting in recurring business.
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