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Get a better handle on your manufacturing processes and improve stock control with inventory management software. These tools are designed to minimise production costs by increasing efficiency and minimising stock loss. Manage all the individual production components right down to sub-build level and control the status of raw materials so that your team can’t sell items you need for manufacturing.
The reporting function allows you to drill down into each stage of the production process - by process or againsts available stock - to see detailed reports on each build component. When you’re running low, the software automatically replenishes stock levels to keep your production going.

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Case study: Stock Control

A business owner approached us for help with stock control. Their current system was producing meaningless reports and the owner was struggling to see where the business was going. He was so frustrated, he was considering selling the business.

We started, as always, by listening. Then we found a business accounting solution that would be meaningful for both the owner and the accountant, giving a clear picture of the business at any time. We set up the system to be more user friendly.

Now, the staff are happier and more productive. And so is the owner - he’s decided not to sell.
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