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Take control of your stock. Automating inventory management reduces costly errors for wholesalers while improving efficiency and customer service. Real-time stock availability management gives you accurate inventory management. You can analyse stock trends and automate re-ordering. This software lets you manage multiple warehouses and track stock through the transport process - in transit, on consignment, at picking and bulk storage locations across multiple warehouses. Allows you to record and track details sold to your customers easily storing serial numbers for the ease of tracking.

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Case study: Stock Control

One of our clients was using excel spreadsheets to keep track of their stock, but it wasn’t able to track serial numbers or expiry dates. They needed a system that would keep track of which stock was where in case of a recall. 

We listened and recommended an integrated business system that bought their accounting package into line with all product tracking information, including expiry dates. 

The client can now see stock levels at each location at a glance and can rest easy that if there’s ever a need for a product recall, this can be done easily and effectively.
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