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An integrated point of sale system is the most transformative solution we can offer for our retailers. Many retailers try to fit their accounting system into their stores as a point of sale, but today, solutions exist that provide all the features retailers need without losing out on integration.

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Case study: Retail 

We were approached by a retailer who had a very disjointed system. There was one software for accounting, one for Point of Sale (POS). Importing from one to the other left too much room for error. When the information didn’t flow correctly from one to the other, it was holding up online sales. 

After listening carefully, we decided an fully integrated system would eliminate the problem. Now, there are no frustrating reconciliations between the accounting software and the POS system. The owner spends less time tidying up accounts after hours. And now, when a product is entered into the system, a shelf label is generated automatically, saving even more time in store.
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