Our Process

Our Process

Our relationship starts with an informal meeting. You get to pull up a chair, have a nice cuppa and good whinge to us about all the things that are driving you crazy in your business. 

If we could be the best in the world at one thing, it would be: listening. This is how we understand exactly what you need.

Once we’ve got a really good understanding of how your business works, we’ll go away look at some possible solutions. We put it all together for you in a solutions document, which may have a few options for you to consider. If our solutions aren’t the ones you need, we won’t muck you around - but we will recommend someone else who we think can help.

All of this is free.
Sometimes it takes a while for our customers to make a decision to implement a new system. We’re ok with that. We’re not in it for a quick sale - we’re in it for the long haul.

Our knowledge will save you hours of research when it comes to finding the right solution. But where we really shine is in setting it up just right. 

We look at the big picture and the finest details to make sure your solutions are seamlessly integrated and perfectly functioning. We do all this offline so that you can test drive the system with your own data plugged in before it becomes real. 

Our guarantee: no charge until it works! 

When you’re up and running, the hard work is done. Business automation will deliver you more time to focus on more important area of your business. But we’re not going anywhere. 

Our business software service includes free phone support. Forever.
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