We are a software company focused on connecting our clients to the right business tools to streamline business processes. This allows our clients to improve their businesses and focus less on paper work and more on their businesses.

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Let us connect you to the right business tools to start streamlining your processes. When you're
unlocking trapped cash and focusing on your business and not your paper work, you'll thank us.
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Our Team

Kellie Moore

Harking from the other side of the Tasman I have been in New Zealand since 1996 and I am very happy to call Christchurch home. I am married with 2 daughters. I enjoy getting outdoors walking the hills of the beautiful south island and am always planning my next trip somewhere, anywhere!
I am solution focused, I love talking to people about what our systems can do for their business and how we can get them the information they want/need with the least amount of effort. The joy on a users face when I show them a better way of processing or a tip that saves them an hour of their time each month is the best reward.  
My talents lie in payroll, manufacturing, creating customised reports, data export/import and resolving technical issues.
I am a Director of Palmside Software Consultants t/a On To It
Attache Certified BI Technical Installer
Attache Certified Payroll Specialist
Accredited Attache Pro Consultant
Certified Report Writer
Platinum Partner Infusion Software
And the “BOSS” or is that “BOSSY”

Raqueal Spicer

Born and Bred in Christchurch. I am married with a teenage daughter. I enjoy netball, but only being a sideline mum these days, but was fully active playing, coaching and umpiring – Age ah! Cooking is my new interest.
I have enjoyed helping businesses to streamline their processes and making systems work smarter not harder for over 10 years.
I enjoy meeting new people and talking to them about how we can help them connect to the right business tools. Its very rewarding working with companies from the initital coffee meeting, to implimenting systems and processes to help them grow their business.
I also love customer service and know how important this is, I do love to talk but I promise I will always listen first, which is why we offer FREE phone Support.
Spending a good part of my working life using systems in the Enginerring industry, I am quite passionate about Job Costing and General Ledger, actually anything that helps improve your business.
I am very proud to be a Director of Palmside Software Consultants t/a On To It
Attache Certified Sales SWOT Specialist
Attache Certified Fixed Asset Specialist
Accredited AttachePro and Attache Accounts Consultant
Platinum Partner Infusion Software
Coffee Expert (drink far too much)
Adele Santy

Originally from the mighty South, I have been in Christchurch now for 10+ years so I consider myself a local.

I am married with Twin boys and have a vast Customer Service and Administration experience and am thrilled to be part of this team.
My strengths are helping clients solve their issues and always looking for ways to make life easier for them.

I have worked with many programs in the past Promax, Citrix, Prism, JBA and SAP (to name a few) and I have always aimed to be in a Helpdesk environment so this role is a dream for me.

Let us connect you to the right business tools and start unlocking trapped cash today!
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